How to make a Login Menu?

How do I make a login menu, for a MMORPG in unity, where it asks for a username and password?

Learn the basics, start small and don't try to make an MMO by yourself yet. they take years and years, bucket loads of money and bucket loads of time. Make something really small first, because that way each project will grow bigger than the last, and eventually you'll be able to some cool stuff. Besides, on the questio0n, you'd need to set up a server and a database to hold them, then learn some server scripting, link it up with unity GUI thing and link it all up together. It's a big thing to pull off, so... as I say, start very small, learn the basics etc. Problem solved.

on the unity store you can download photon server, it comes with all you need, just set up an account, then start playing with the main menu script