How to make a low draw call ocean?

Hi… I’m making a scene where there’s some water in it… I got about 99 draw calls before I put unity water in the scene, and now it has increasing to 100-200, I’ve been looking for a while, and haven’t got any answer… and I made this for iPad, Can any one help me?

Btw, Thanks!! :smiley:

Well the main reason the water increases the draw calls is the reflection and refraction.
Set a new layer for the objects that you want to reflect to the water.
Let us say the layer is called “reflectingObjects”.

Now set this layer to the object that you want to reflect on water (keep them as low as possible) and avoid putting objects that are far enough, since they will be reflected but you will not see the reflection…

After you add the unity water, select you water object and in the inspector, you must see reflection and refraction, set the layers first to nothing (to clear everything) and then to your newly created layer…
You must see a huge difference in draw calls.

same happened to me and I got almost half the amount of draw calls:)

Write a shader that animates the surface of the water, so you can draw the water with a single draw call.