How to make a main menu like that ?

Hello everyone,

I would like, with your help, make a main menu worthy of the great games. After several hours of research on the subject using YouTube tutorials, I’m still not at a satisfactory result.


So I decided to ask for your help, whether among you, one or more people have the knowledge to answer my request.


Here are the many videos that I watched (in English and French videos):

- YouTube (Xenosmash Games)

- YouTube (TurnTheGameOn)

Unity 3D Tutorials - Programming - #4 Advanced Menu - YouTube (ChromeFXFilms)

Main Menu! How to make a Horror Game 6 Unity 3D. - YouTube (Ryandome)

Tuto Unity 3D / Créer un Menu Principale - YouTube (NedFroY)

Comment créer un RPG sur Unity3D #12 (Menu principal) [Unity 5.x] - YouTube (TUTO UNITY FR)

TUTO: Créer un menu principal #1 (Nouveaux UI) [Unity 4.6 et +] - YouTube (TUTO UNITY FR)

#14 : Menu Principal / Main Menu [Unity] - YouTube (JokeFamily)

None of these tutorials could help me realize the kind of main menu I want to achieve.


To know that I’m using Unity 5, although I still use MonoDevelop.


Below, the main type of menu that I will wish to achieve:

I sincerely thank you for reading me.

Feel free to respond to this if you have solutions.

Good day to you.

Create a Canvas populate it with UI elements (panels (for background) pictures buttons etc)
Create an empty GameObject attach a new script(MenuController or something) that is going to control each interactable UI element
(you can attach the script on the actual canvas depends on the way you build the game)
and link each function with the respective button/slider etc…
Add on your script

using UnityEngine.UI;
using UnityEngine.SceneManagement;

to be able to access UI elements and to load scenes.
Check Unity->learn->tutorials->UI .
How you are going to write each function depends on the way you write the game.