how to make a main menu to view credits or start game

Is there a way to make a menu come up where you can select to view credits, intro, or play the game. I would like this to come up when the game is launched. I am not expecting a main menu script, i am looking at how to approach this, and get started.

I am using the free version of unity and am new to it. i went through the fps tutorial and now am doing my own game for fun. Is it possible to do this, and if so where is a good place to start.

yes it is possible... you could use multiple scenes for this and for each scene make sure in your project setting they are in there, this is the code to make a button load a scene...

if(GUI.Button(new Rect(10, 50, 75, 25), "Play Game")) {

This will load your first scene... You can instead of have your scene be in numbers you can replace the Application part with this

Application.LoadLevel("Your Specific Scene");

Hope this takes you far sorry if i didnt help this is a great, free to use pause menu script. I use it myself, although I modified it quite a lot to suit my needs of course.