how to make a main menu?

yesterday i asked who to make a main menu and someone gave me this link: and i followed this video and made a main menu but when i was needed to use this script: function onMouseEnter() { //change the color of the text renderer.material.; }

function onMouseExit() { //change the color of the text renderer.material. color=Color.white; }

it wasn't work why? video to my problom:

I'm not really sure what your problem is? With the small snippet of script you gave us, it looks like you are having a problem with a roll over state? Trying to change the colour when you roll over with the mouse?

Try doing something like this:

var Text : Texture2D

function onMouseEnter(){
Text.renderer.material.color =;

I do not have Unity in front of me, so I cannot test. But its something you might want to do.

(PS - please place your code in code format - it looks ugly, and off putting if you don't)