How to make a map voting system

I’m making my own fps multiplayer game and i need a map vote system. I’m currently making scenes(maps) that will be playable in the game, but the players themself can vote for what map they want to play. It displays the image of the map that is clickable to vote for and whichever with highest votes will be loaded. Can somebody help me with this. How do i make it?

Suggestion just for a local game
As you can’t control a multiple eventSystem, You can make a script where you put al images of map you have. Thus you can control what map is besides of the other.
Then create inputs for each player and, in order you prefer, each player vote for their favorite map. Obviously you need to make conditions to control the player vote, I mean, 1 player vote, then you active the inputs for the secnond player and so successively.
Finally you just need to manage a global variable to plus votes and load corresponding scene