How to make a model solid?

I was trying to make my character model solid (So you couldn’t walk through it), but I couldn’t do it. I checked “generate colliders” but that didn’t work. I went into components>physics>mesh collider and it still didn’t work! I even looked where it said “Mesh”. It normally says “none”, but i changed it to my model and it worked, except the meshed wasn’t in the right pose and I couldn’t change it. (I moved the model’s parts to be in the position I wanted it to be in.

I am very new to Unity. Thanks!

The standard way is to put a “regular” shaped collider around it – like a box, capsule (a pill-shape) or a combination (look up Compound colliders in Unity.)

If you look at most games, odd-shaped stuff usually reacts more like it’s round or square. If you ram a bush and walk/push into it from all directions, you’ll find the invisible sphere where it “counts as.” You can walk through some parts of the bush, and are blocked from entering some empty space. But it’s pretty close and everyone is used to it.

For arms and legs, can often shape long, then capsules along them.