how to make a moving object

Hey guys,

I’m making a game for school, but i want to put so scary moments in it.
what i want to do is, to make an object move from one place to an other place when i move past a trigger. But i don’t know how to do that? i’m not that good with unity3d, hopefully can you guys help me.


It is simple. These two links there’s more that you will need:

It seems like you are asking two questions here:

  1. How to use triggers
  2. How to perform basic movement operations

Triggers -
Triggers are managed by Colliders. I would start by reading this: Unity - Manual: Box Collider component reference

Basic Movement -
There are a variety of different ways to move objects in Unity.
Two common methods are Transform.translate and Vector3.MoveTowards. Another option is to use a package like iTween that can help manage moving objects around the screen for you.