How to make a native c++ dll for Unity in Macbook/OS X?

I am working on some Unity projects which get the data from c++ code, and I would like to create some dll as a plugin for Unity.

On windows it is a very easy task to make c++ dll in Visual Studio, but on OS X I can’t find any solution.
Visual Studio Community for Mac and Visual Studio Code can’t build dll for c++.
Does anyone know how to create native c++ dll for Unity project?

Just like Bonfire said in the comment, don’t confuse managed DLLs which are used by Mono with actual native code DLLs used by windows. Native code libraries are not called DLLs on mac or linux. You may want to have a look at Unity’s native plugin documentation. I don’t use a Mac but as far as i know common extensions for dynamic libraries are “.a”, “.so” or “.dylib”. It’s very similar on Linux