how to make a neighborhood collide able?

I modeled a small neighbor hood of houses, how would I make them collide able without having to use any of the colliers? because there is more than 1 mesh on it and I don’t know how to make it all solid without haveing to make 1000000 different objects and applying a different mesh collider on them, is there an easier way to do this?

Without a collider, you have no collision. simple as that.

I’d recommend using a mesh collider to start with- it’d be a lot easier than going through each object and trying to assign a primitive.

You don’t have to use mesh colliders. You can use primitive colliders and shape them as closely as possible to your meshes.

Well thats what i was saying about the mesh collider I have like 20 different meshes on this object and unity only lets you have 1 mesh collider per object:/ is there a way I can do it with a mesh collider that allows me not to have to use 20 different meshes for it to work properly?