How to make a nice shockwave ?

I’m trying to create a shockwave that appears when an explosion occurs, so i recently learned how to use the shader graph, but I dont know wich nodes to use to make it, or if this is possible with shader graph, or even if shader graph is the good way to do it.
For exemple, I would like my shockwave to look like the ones in War Thunder. I uploaded a video in youtube to show you. Here is the link :

I’m using the URP.

I was watching with my iphone8 and it’s not quite visible to me in your video. But with shader graph you can make a simple background distortion shader with the scene color node and offset the input screen space UV however you like and apply the material on a large sphere mesh.

Keep in mind that with URP, this node by design only captures opaque objects. That means no transparent objects like most other alpha blended effects will be shown in the scene color result.

To capture and distort also the transparent objects, you will to do it with customized post-processing effect which is a lot more complicated.