How to make a pause menu with Gui Texture??

Can someone say me How to make a pause menu with Gui Texture??
Sry i have no idea why to make it??
Not a gui button only a gui texture when i press my pause button than the gui texture come and when i not press my pause button the gui texture is visible.

check if this helpful in some way for you:

You can enable/disable GUITexture so that they show/disappear when the pause is activated.

You could use an event to which a method subscribe and set all the GUITexture for the pause and inverse.

Or you use GetComponent.

Then you can use:

if(guiTexture.enabled == true && Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0) && 
     // Action

This above is same as

if(GUI.Button(rect, text)){}

but it would run in some Update.