How to make a perfect car model?

Hello. I am dealing with a project that achieves this kind of effect. A project about car exhibition. Please view the following images.

alt text

I am confused about that. This is my demo. So ugly!!!


How can I achieve this kind of effect?
I don’t know what materials or shaders I should use to make it.

I’m not sure what you mean, either you’re talking abotu shaders or the actual mesh.

If it’s the actual mesh, then you need to learn 3d modelling, and practice. Alot. I don’t mean “have a play about in whatever program for a few months”, I mean “Get some tutorials and work hard at 3d modelling techniques for a couple of years”. Good modelling skills take time to develop.

If you’re talking about shaders, however, then you need to A : learn the physical material properties of car paint, or just use a car shader on the mesh. Or you could even just use a reflective bumped specular shader.

What you see in the picture is just a good shader, and a good reflection cubemap, on a good mesh.