How to make a performance check?

Hey guys, i am trying to implement a system on my game that basically works like this: If it’s the first time the player is opening the game on X quality, it will make a performance test. Simple as that, huh? Well, it may look like, but i am a little bit out of ideas. I have an fps counter that measures the average frames per second you get on the scene, but question is: How exactly can i CHECK the performance? Like, what do you guys think i should do to “simulate” a standard match on the game while on the performance testing screen ? Any help would be appreciated ^.^


This is only 5$ if you wish to spend the money.

other then that I would recomend that if you are using unity 5, there is a built in stress tester for the editor, for you only. This will not show in your game however. Check this out for usage of that.

if you need to know something specific for your game like installed RAM or CPU or operating system you can get it like this:

but really as far as game development goes, the current FPS should be the most accurate way to decide a quality level for the user based on how his machine is actually handling things !!!