How to make a picture cutscene?

I’m making a partial horror game in Unity, and I want 3 image cutscenes that flash through when the game starts, showing where you are and why. I would ideally like to be able to position the exact 3rd-person character in my game in the cutscenes, but I could draw them, and use that. All tutorials I’ve seen are for animated cutscenes, but I feel this is too advanced for my level. How would I do this?

This should be pretty simple.

  • In your scene, add a UI Canvas.
  • Make sure your Render Mode setting is set to Screen Space - Camera
  • Drag your main camera into the Render Camera slot
  • Right click your Canvas in Hierarchy and Add > UI Image
  • Drag your first sprite into the sprite field.
  • Select the UI Image in your Hierarchy and resize it accordingly.
  • In the Inspector under Rect Transform, you see a little anchor box. Hold Shift + Alt and select Stretch after you resize your image to take up the canvas.
  • With your UI Image selected, go to Window > Animation > Create
  • Add property > Sprite > Sprites
  • Drag your other 2 images from the project window to the animation window.
  • Moving your keyframed sprite changes accordingly.

This should allow you to control the timing of your sprite changes for your cutscenes.

If you capable of using a video editing software Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas Final Cut Pro or maybe any program you find. U can use your images and create a video then import the video into Unity UI apply it to whichever scene you like. Of course this would mean you will have to understand how videos work in unity first. I believe this would supply a little easier option for u