How to make a player character?

Hello Unity Community! I am new to this program, and I download the iphone game maker from unity. I have made a small map (Just to try out what i can do) but now i dont know how to add a player controlled character! Please help! You could write a response about making a player anything (A sphere, etc) just please tell me how to make him move and such.

Thanks, Turkeydipking

  • Import the "standard assets" package into your project (you may have already selected to do this when you created the project).
  • Look in your project view, in Standard Assets -> Prefabs.
  • Drag the "First Person Controller" into your hierarchy.
  • Use the scene view to position your new first person controller wherever you'd like it to start.
  • Disable the old "Main Camera" by clicking it and un-checking the checkbox next to its name at the top of the inspector window.
  • Hit play. You should have a fully functional mouse-controlled first-person character.