How to make a projectile fly towards it's target

I am trying to implement a turret system which fires arrows at it's target once it collides with the the trigger. here is my code so far

public class ArrowProjectileScript : MonoBehaviour {

public GameObject Target; private Vector3 direction = Vector3.up; public float speed=10.0f;

// Use this for initialization
void Start () {


// Update is called once per frame
void Update () {
    Target = GameObject.FindWithTag("Enemy");

    GameObject turret = GameObject.Find("Sphere");
    TurretScriptTest ts = turret.GetComponent<TurretScriptTest>();

    if(ts.hit == true)
    direction= transform.Translate(Target.transform);

} Basically in the if(ts.hit == true) statement, I need code which can project the arrow towards the enemy, the transform.LookAt(Target.transform) is already getting the arrow to face the target without much problems. Thanks

A simple way to correct your code could be(I usually use JS) :

CharacterController ctrl = GetComponent()<CharacterController>;
if(ts.hit == true){
    direction = Target.transform.position-transform.position;

Note that I'm using a CharacterController component. Using transform.Translate doesn't detect collisions and I figure you need your projectiles to be aware of those. Or you could use AddForce, but I'm not a big fan of physics.

Also note that SimpleMove will automatically add gravity, if you don't want that for some reason, take a look at ctrl.Move() instead;

Sorry I didn't test the code, but I figure it should work.

thanks for the answer, all i had to do was change the direction to Vector3.forward!