How to make a QUIZ application in unity?

So, for our school, we have to do a big end of the year project, and we could program something as our project. Since our teachers are trying to go paperless, I decided to try and make a quiz app, which they could use to easily make a quiz and share it with anyone with the app. I don’t need help on any other parts of the programming (at least not yet), but I would like to know how I can tackle the sharing problem. My idea was that the teacher would make the quiz at home, then come into the class and the other iPads would easily pick it up. Then, the students could make quizzes and share them with each other. Does anyone have any ideas?

You probably want to host the data on a web server, you can then use UnityEngine.WWW to make a request and retrieve the data. There are examples of how to do this elsewhere, including in the docs - here are a few:

I’ve used this to implement multiple interfaces to web services so I know its good. It is possible to use this to download arbitrary data and it works fine with all builds of Unity projects afaik (e.g. web player, os x, android etc.).

EDIT: also consider rephrasing your question, it has nothing to do with quizzes and everything to do with distributing data.