How to make a radar/map

Hey everyone, I am making a car game, where your view is from above the car.... I was wondering if anyone knew if it is possible to make a sort of radar map where you can see slightly more of what's around you from a birds eye perspective. It's like most games (like grand theft auto) and you can see the buildings and stuff like that.

Any answer would be appreciated!!!


As ina said, you can create another camera view, indeed. Make a camera and position it somewhere above the car, point it directly down towards the car, and make sure it follows the car around (if car rotation is not a problem, make it a child of the car GameObject).

Then, if you have Unity Pro, make a RenderTexture and make the Map camera render into it, then display that texture in a GUI.Box.

If you don't have Unity Pro, you need to fiddle with the viewport settings of the Map camera to ensure it renders its content into a sub-window of the screen.

In any case, it might be a good idea to make the Map camera orthographic.

You could take a look at the Wiki or this answer How do I attach a Camera to a GUI (for a Mini map).