how to make a radical sign with javascript?

I’m making a mmorpg game and need a radical sign for the hit-system. For example I want something like: √9. This just doesn’t work with javascript and I don’t know how to fix this… Does anyone know how to make something like this or is this just not possible?
I really appreciate every help.

I didn’t completely understand your question:

If you want to print the radical sign:
You can use \u221A in your code to print a radical sign…

GUI.Button (new Rect (10, 25, 125, 20), "\u221A9")

will result in something like


If you want to compute the root of a number:

var root = Mathf.Sqrt(9);

Good luck with your project!

  1. Add a GUIText to a Unity scene
  2. Visit Browser Test Page for Unicode Character 'SQUARE ROOT' (U+221A)
  3. Copy the radical symbol from the input test box
  4. Paste the radical symbol into the Text field in the inspector
  5. Press the play button
  6. Observe the radical symbol appear in the game window.

(Did this on a Mac.)