How to make a Rainy scene ?

I’ve already made a cool rain effect using unity particle system, my scene is large and I would like to make it a rainy scene. Problem is that whenever I scale the particle system (in the shape of a box) all over the scene and increase the emission rate, it produce the desired effect, however, costs a lot in performance. I also tried to write a code where the rain will follow the player but not rotate with him, still, didn’t look realistic (It looks like the rain is moving with the player).
Does anyone know how to make a rainy scene if the scene is pretty large ?

It really depends on the effect, and the style of game (since that dictates player and camera movement). You could create rain zones, and only activate the ones in the direction the player is looking. If you prewarm the effect, it should look pretty seamless.

What you can do is to make the particle system lock to certain coordinates depending on the player’s location. Therefore, if the player is near the edge of the particle system, then you can make a clone of the particle system that will be towards the next portion of the map that the player is going to.

Alternatively, you could create copies of your particle system that make a web over every portion of the walkable map. Then, simply enable the ones that the player is over, including the neighbor particle systems.

I have the same problem. Can you tell me how to solve it at the time? Our scene must be raining everywhere