How to make a reload animation?(with hand+gun)

i apologize if this question was asked before, if it had an appropriate answer then please give the link here i will happily delete this question. in my search i haven’t fount a satisfying answer.

now the question,

i am learning unity, i am testing different things in a test project. but whatever i try i can not complete the reload part. i have searched but for some reason i can not find a full detailed guide(also haven’t found a good hand model, found a gun though ) where it is described in full detail about how to do animation in unity with parent-child object and with a gun also. it means i am doing animation with 2 objects.

its been 3 weeks now and i am getting really frustrated, please help!

tnx, but i am mainly having problem with animation. i can animate a single object just fine. but when the object has a child or parent all hell breaks loose. the arm starts spinning with out control. i don’t know whats going wrong.

i also having trouble finding a good hand model

if you know of a tutorial where animation in unity is covered in detail pls let me know. i just cant seem to find any :confused: