how to make a rigidbody go though a object but still trigger it?

so i have a bullet that i want to trigger a box collider on a enemy but keep moving through it. right now it just stops moving or bounces off

Hello there!

Just need to activate the “its trigger” option in one of the colliders (i supose on the bullet collider will be more logic).

This way, bullet have a collider but is not genereting collisions, is just a trigger (an activator) for detecting things.

So, you have all this 6 methods for colliders. I 100% recoomend you to spend 15 minutes in youtube to learn to use all of them. Its necessary to develop a game to understand which is needed in each situation.

Do not be afraif to read the Unity documentation, to know if you are doing somethign wrong, even if you understand just a little.

Good Luck! Bye!