How to make a rotating ball ?

I would like to make a rotating ball with a character controller. And when I built a house with rigidbody bricks the ball will destroy it. How I can make ?

It depends on how you want the ball to move. Using a character controller will give you a ball that works like a 1st/3rd person shoot character but looks like a ball. It won’t really have a rigid body of it’s own and it’s movements won’t feel like they’re part of physics, they’ll feel like a FPS. Doing this, you’ll want to use OnControllerColliderHit() to apply forces to other objects.

The other way to go is to use a rigid body and sphere collider for your ball, then write your own control script to add forces to the ball based on inputs. This isn’t terribly hard to set up the basics for… just a script with calls in fixed update to check for different user inputs and adding forces to the rigid body accordingly.

The more time consuming part is how to make it feel good. Be sure to make all your forces that you add public variables so they’re available to you in the engine and then tune tune tune.