How to make a script to add components but be able to change it in inspector

function Start () {
gameObject.GetComponent(“Be able to change this”).enabled = false;

how would i be able to type… say “ridgidbody” in a slot in the inspector and on start up it adds a ridgid body or i typed “box collider” and it added a box collider insted of makeing a bunch of scripts to do this.

You could make an EditorWindow or a custom inspector, but easier solution may be simple script:

You need to make sure you script runs in edit mode
by putting @ExecuteInEditMode above the class
Then you need a serialized private variable to store
if an object was already added by this script (if so you can delete it
whenever hte component that it is supposed to add changed).

var createdObject : Object;

Lastly you need a function that only executes in Edit mode by checking
if the application is playing and then returning too early

function Update()
//only in edit mode
if(Application.isPlaying) return;
//dont add duplicates, only add when name was edited
if( GetComponent(componentName) != null ) return;
if(createdComponent != null)
createdComponent = AddComponent(componentName);

This can be done using the normal AddComponent function of GameObject. Declare your public string and set it to whatever type you want it to represent. Use AddComponent(string type) to add the component.

var componentType : String;

function Start()
    var added : Component = gameObject.AddComponent(componentType);

    added.enabled = false;

Keep in mind that you will not be able to automatically know in code what type the added Component is so you can only access the Component class variable and functions.