How to make a scrolling GUI.Label vertically


How can I make my GUI.Label scrollable?

I have a simple gui.button that opens a where I want to type “about” information, using gui.lable. I believe my label will be quite big, since I have a big text, so I need a slider. I’ve been searching through-out all over this place, but all the examples are too complex and very unclear. Can someone enlighten me with an easy javascript example?
Which method should I use to make my idea possible? And a short explanation how a slider is hooked to the label etc…


If you mean a scrollable text box, with an actual slider, you might want to take a look at ScrollViews Unity - Scripting API: GUI.BeginScrollView

If, however, you want to make a GUI.Label that moves across the screen vertically, you only need to change the y-coordinate of the label’s Rect ever so slightly every frame.