How to make a shader invisible?

I just output an asset from 3DExchange to Unity and for some reason there is a wired shader on my asset that should not appear. If I delete the shader file, it just turns to pink. Is there a way to make a shader invisible, like change the transparency to 100%, or just totally delete it?

I’m very new to Unity so if there involve any code please let me know where and how to add it. Thanks!!!

By shader I assume you mean Material?
The best way to fix this is just to remove the additional material id from your mesh inside your 3d app.

This is why unity is generating this extra material when you import it.

Inside Unity you could either replace the material to match the rest of the mesh or if you don’t want to actually see this part of the mesh in unity and dont have access to a 3d app you could just apply a transparent shader to that material and reduce the alpha to 0% but this is by far not the best way to fix this issue.

My advice, fix the geometry inside your 3d app and re-import to unity

Hope this helps.