How To Make A Simple MMO?

I'm trying to make a unity game, an mmo i already have smartfoxserver, and i don't want it to be HUGE! not like 1,000 people on a server, just 20 people.

the best i can do for free

here's an example:

please help!

What you want is not a Simple MMO (first M stands for massive..) You want an ONRPG or online shooter of sorts. Its best to first get a grasp for unity and make a single player game. Then look into Unity's networking which is fairly simple and build up from there. Or pay for 3d buzz's Unity MMO class. Cannot verify it from use but their material is reliably good.

type in burgzergarcade on youtube he is doing a series on an onrpg

If you want to choose a good networking middleware, you should first detail out the requirements of your game. If you already have smartfox/photon with a limited amount of user, you can use them to relay messages between clients or clients and servers. You can do servers in unity and introduce them as special clients to smartfox/photon but i don’t know how. the easiest is to use unity’s own networking or unityPark suite because they support using unity on the server with no additional work. UnityPark has a trial version available on their website for free. see for more info on their product.

If you want to know more in general about the features of networking middlewares and requirements of different game types, take a look at this article in our website.

Choosing a networking middleware for your unity game