How to make a snowball break?

Basically i want to be able to throw a snowball and as it collides with another object it breaks(Like when you throw a snowball at the ground). I was wondering is this possible with unity’s features like the particle system or would i have to use modeling/animating to get the effect.

Make a copy of your snowball and import it into something Blender (or whatever 3D modelling software you use). Or just make something a similar shape to your snowball.

Use the modelling software to break up the ball into a few smaller pieces and save/export each piece separately.

Import those pieces back into Unity and position them back together to make your breakable snowball.

Give each piece a rigidbody (with or without gravity… up to you)

Now when your actual snowball hits its target/object destroy it and instantiate the breakable snowball in its position.

Then just experiment with add force or other physics materials on each piece to get a nice effect and your good to go.