How to make a sphere animate and move from one platform tile to another ?

I’m going to make a game project for the highschool, I’m at the first years to my cursus and i can’t find documentation about what I’m doing.

let me introduce what kind of game I make: I make a 2D platform game and it look like this :192735-bon7h.pngI’m looking for to animate my “player” (that’s the sphere) when it move from a platform to an other platform. I use “Animation” component to animate the player but the animation are played in absolute position not a relative position.

But when I push on the UpArrow, the animation comeback to the original point. How Can I make a sphere animate and move this sphere from platform to platform ?

Try using
transform.position += transform.forward * speed * Time.deltaTime;
Speed should be a float set to an arbitrary value, say…2f.

I use transform.translate( (float) x, (float) y, (float) z); that’s more presise but I can’t animate it… it’s working when I pay but that isn’t smooth like transition you know… :stuck_out_tongue:

I had try to use Animation component and to put “My_Transition.Play(“Name_Of_Scene”);” just after the instruction above.