How to make a sprite blink white without using Color.white ?

Hello. I’m trying to make a sprite blink white when a bullet hit that enemy. I was able to make it blink by changing the Alpha value, but it did not look good. I really want to make it blink white, but the solutions I found told me to use Color.white . However, my sprite is white normally ( RGBA: 255, 255, 255, 255 ), therefore I cannot use Color.white ( I can, but nothing happens ). So, is there a way to make the sprite blink white without using Color.white? Any help would be appreciated.


I’m not sure if I understood completely the question, but maybe shaders could be the answer.

Here I have a sprite with it’s default-sprite material

And here the same sprite with a new Material with a simple shader to make the color white

I’ve just learned a bit about shaders recently so I can not be much of a guide there. Just thought perhaps they are what you are looking for.

I attach some links about shaders I found:
link text
link text
link text

I was kind of able to fix it. I created a new material, then went in the “Shader”, then GUI then TextShader and it makes a white material.