How to make a Sprite glow?

Hi, I’m making a 2D game with pixelart style, and I was wondering if there’s any way that I can make a sprite of a prefab glow/emmisive, so that other sprites react to the lighting that the prefab is emmiting.
It should look something like this:
Glowing pixel art

Is there a way to achieve this in prefabs? For example, glowing bullets…

Good morning mate =) .As I know there is no direct way to add emission to sprite in unity .But I know a way to do that =) .I downloaded unity 2d lighting package and I added point light component to my sprite and here the result


Maybe there are a ways to do that in your sprite editor but I this it is the easiest way .In addition for animated glowing effect you could add simple animation to light intensity =) .I hope that will help you .Have a great day =)