How to make a sprite stay at a consistant baseline during animation?

So I have an interesting problem concerning animation. I know exactly what is happening but I don’t know how to fix it. I am using a sprite sheet (yes its from Tales of Phantasia and yes I know it’s copyrighted and all) with an attack animation that has a sword that goes below the sprite. This causes the animation to actually raise the player part of the sprite when animating because the sprite itself is reading the bottom of the sword as the bottom of the sprite when in reality the sprite is higher. The only way I can think to currently fix is to animate the entirety of the object along with it (the collider, my checkers, etc.). I feel like this will be very, very difficult to change all of this every single frame. Is there a way you can set the baseline of a sprite or a quick fix for this sort of thing? I feel like it will come up a lot in the future.


Unity2D Sprite has the ‘Pivot’ option which allows you to create a custom pivot point.