How to make a string to connect 2 object - not string variable,

Hi, I have, for example, 2 cubes, and I want to connect one corner of this cube to one of other cube by a string, like this75628-untitled.png

When I move cube one - assuming the right one, I want the left to be moved after. On the other hand, I want to make it like in the real life with tension, inertia force, and gravity. So please tell me how to make it.
Thank you in advance.,

giving objects a tether effect is pretty easy to achieve and can be done with “hinge joints” between the two objects and by tweaking the “spring” value, you will get the tethered (or hinged) object moving with slight delay or tension.

Glad if that helps!

The easiest way would be to grab an asset from the Asset Store that gives you this functionality, like QuickRopes. QuickRopes | Physics | Unity Asset Store

To do it yourself for free you could play around with Unity physics. A relatively simple way would be to create a bunch of small cylinders beside each other, forming your rope. Put Rigidbodies on them and use joints like Hinge Joints to connect them all together, and connect them to your cubes (which would also need rigidbodies).

There’s looooots of ways to do what you’re describing, but those would probably be the simplest in Unity. Good luck!