How to make a submesh from part of my character


I have a character which I modeled in Blender and I need to take certain part of that mesh (vertices are not connected) and make it a submesh, so I can assign a transparent material to it. From the docs I understand that I need to use the SetTriangles() function, but I don’t know how to get the triangles list.

Is there a way to “visually” split my mesh into submeshes or something? Maybe create vertex/triangle groups in Blender first?

End goal:

I need to do this because some of my character’s mesh needs to be transparent, set by a texture, but when I apply transparent material to the whole character it’s really messed up. Different body parts intersect and are being rendered as transparent, even though the texture at that location is solid.


Instead of doing a whole lot of stupid math in order to split up the model at runtime, you can just use multiple materials in blender and it will import with a submesh for each material.

Hope this helps,