how to make a telephone call system

hey guys i was thinking how to do this but i dont even know how to start. ill explain my idea

i have 37 3d symbols i can use as a button i added this button script to every one of my symbols
i use unity event system for it to work like a UiButton with the + and - to add objects and functions
to the buttons. works fine but now i need to implement the dail function… i would use 7 symbols out of the 37 to make up a Full Calleble number. i wanted to give every button a number like 1 the next one 2 and so on so when i press button 1 it should register 1. in the script attached parent to the buttons
i have one diffrent button that is like a enter of call button to activate so after clicking 7 deffrent buttons it can activate by clicking this activation button.

i tried google but i cant find any good tutorials or reffrence on this

so thats why i wanted to als any of you if someone knows a way


You are asking for full script process…

You say “i tried google”, but what are you googling…? If you want to build a house you cant llok at google “how to build a house”, you need to learn how to design a building, how to make concrete, how to apply concrete, how to maka…

So learn to do simple things first, learn to pass info between sctiprs, learn to store infor in Lists/arrays, learn to use Mouseclick detection functions, learn Collider-Mouse detections, learn learn learn, and then try try try. And after all of that, come here and ask the little things you dont get.