How to make a toggle not be deselected within a toggle group?

I ran into a problem when making a group of toggles for a menu in my game. There are six toggles, but only one can be selected thanks to the toggle group. This is exactly what I want, but I ran into OnValueChanged. Turns out, it doesn’t actually mean when the toggle is deselected or not, it’s when the user clicks it regardless. So, for example, I have one selected, and I click it again. It carries out the OnValueChanged even though the value was not changed. This is a problem because I save the toggle state, and when I reload the scene it acts as if it was deselected. Then, zero toggles are selected, leaving me with nothing. My question is, how to I get rid of that? I only want the action to be carried out when the toggle is actually selected/ deselected. Thanks!

To enable and disable toggles they have to be active in hierarchy. Is it your issue?
If it is, you can activate parent which is inactive, turn on/off toggle and disable parent again. Something like this:

toggle.isOn = true;