How to make A Top Camera Shooter? But no shooting.

So, let me explain. I’m designing a game for my indie company called Evermore. Which is a top camera, thirdperson game. Like those Top Camera shooters. If you don’t know what I mean, It’s like that Angry Bots you get from downloading it.

However my team and I have been running into one problem. We want the character to be in the middle of the screen, move with the WASD keys, and also be able to do the following tasks:

  • Jump with Space Bar
  • Crouch with Ctrl
  • Sprint with Shift
  • Interact with E

And we have been testing it on some of the Angry Bot characters.
Could someone be kindly able to send us a free demo build so we can play around. We could try to add the features, but if you could make a camera that tops at an “Angry Bots” angle on a mesh… that would be great! Also, if you could teach us how to add these features(EG - Running, jumping, etc.).

Our company is learning at the same time as developing so bare with all of us.


I won’t send you the whole project but I will show you how to make your character in 5 minuits. Take your character and add the character motor, a character controller and the FPS input controller. (Comes with unity in the standard assets character controller package). position your camera to how you want it, make it a child of your character and then you have a top down game. Sorry but i’m not familiar with crouching or interacting but you might be able to find a separate script that lets you do that. If you want me to show you how to animate just comment.