How to make a transparent texture

As i said before, i am making a GIANT demonstration project so i can learn everything in Unity faster and with more knowledge. I am trying to make full scenes so when i can’t remember something, i can go into that scenes and i will have a nice look of how everything works. It’s pretty crazy…

Anyway, i have unsucessfuly been trying to make a transparent texture, and i still didn’t find the way to do it correctly. @alucardj i ALREADY searched in Google, searched for tutorials on Youtube, searched on forums, etc… And everything i encountered was some outdated tutorials, and none of them actually helped me. Can someone PLEASE explain me how to make a transparent texture in Unity?

I have a sphere, and it is white (standard), but i wanted to make a texture that could make the sphere appear more like the image below. I already made a semi-transparent texture many times, but Unity always recognize it as a normal texture or bug it and it never becomes, you know… TRANSPARENT.

Normally, transparency is just a proper alpha value of texture. Either in an external program or inside Unity as shader script. Nothing more.

And that shader is actually doing exactly what You asked. Make texture transparent.

For an effect like in “a real life” You either have to learn high-level shaders (tutorials in Unity Documentation, later just practice) or buy one. Your bulb presented in question would use reflection, flare, bloom, transparency, bit of heightmaps.

And on the other hand, do You have an example, where such transparency as You want is present?

In this asset is a nice transparency shader. Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making