How to make a trigger still collides with specifc object? ,How to make a trigger stillcollide with specific objects?

Let’s say there are a Player, a ball and a wall.
How to make the player and ball both collide with the wall, but the player and ball can still trigger each other?

I tried adding a nested collder inside the ball, and make the outside collder a little bigger than the inside one, and set the outside one as a trigger. So the inner one can collide with the wall but the outer one still trigger with the player.

But this way seems to be so stupid and too many colliders. Is there any way more elegant and neat to make it ?

I didn’t understand much but what about disabling components using gameobject’s tags.Like if I want make a box to a trigger if the object with ‘player’ tag collides.I don’t know if that helps,but I hope it is :slight_smile: