How to make a "Type" variable?

I’ve been trying to make a little static functions, and I require to use a Type variable, however, I can’t find a way to make one. System.Type does not work, and simply typing in Type will get me an error. Here’s one example of a function I’d like to do.

static function IsType(obj:Object,t:Type){ //will throw an error
	var bool = false;
	if(typeof(obj).IsSubclassOf(typeof(type)) || obj.GetType() == type){
		bool = true;
	return bool;

“Assets/stuff/Scripts/Interface_Scripts/Global.js(13,40): BCE0018: The name ‘Type’ does not denote a valid type (‘not found’). Did you mean ‘System.Type’?”

I have other situations where I need a type variable, and it would be a lot of help if there’s a solution for this. Thanks.

Check out this answer: