How to make a universe scenery

Hi guys! I'm realizing a simple videogame for a university course. The target is to program some IA, but now I need to create the scenery. The game is about space combat and i need to rapresent the earth far away, the moon, the star field and the space dust. The problem is that I really don't know what is the best way to do these things. For the space dust I used some particle systems, but what about the planets? And the stars?

I try making a very large sphere, but i don't think is the right way.. Some help? :)

PS: where is the best place to post this kind of question? Here or in the unity forum? Tnx!

In the game, if the player is able to fly around (i.e. see different sides of) the Earth and Moon, I would create them as large textured spheres. If they are not meant to be flown around, then a single textured quad showing one side of the moon/planet should suit your purposes.

As far as the star field, I would create a cubemap using 6 images of stars and then apply that as the skymap on the camera.

Hey Eux86,

If it were me, I would use high resolution pictures (With depth)... But, how ever you go about it, is fine... mostly, it depends on you, what your capable of, and what your willing to do... You could make a sphere, and color it... There are quite a few possibilities... Just try your best, and it will come out fine!

-Hope I helped, Gibson

P.s. This kind of question is ment for Unity Answers (It is a question, right?)... The forums is for general help, or showing off... This is for answers, and help...