How to make a variable for color affect another object

static var Bslider : float;
static var Yslider : float;
static var Pslider : float;
static var ShowSlider : System.Boolean;
var PageClose : AudioClip;

function Start()
ShowSlider = false;

function OnGUI () 

if(ShowSlider == false)

GUI.Box(Rect(1000,550,220,240),"Color Mix");

Bslider = GUI.HorizontalSlider(Rect(1020,650,175,30), Bslider, 0.0 ,1.0);
renderer.material.color.r = Bslider;

Yslider = GUI.HorizontalSlider(Rect(1020,600,175,30), Yslider, 0.0 ,1.0);
renderer.material.color.b = Yslider;

Pslider = GUI.HorizontalSlider(Rect(1020,700,175,30), Pslider, 0.0 ,1.0);
renderer.material.color.g = Pslider;


              GUI_ColorSlider.ShowSlider = false;



Here i have my script that changes the color of my character well some of it as there are different parts to my character how would i be able to let thesse sliders effect another game object please help thanx :)

Read this page, which details exactly in what ways you can access other game objects: