How to make a wall in unity VR?

I want to make a wall in unity VR, for making a wall I used a cube which is act as a wall.
and I am using steam VR teleporting system for navigation.
But my problem is when I try to navigate through Cube wall, It can be navigate through inside the cube wall.
I want when I try to navigate through cube wall it should not be navigate. It should be show restriction.
Please help
Thank you in advance.

A VR user is free to move his head and thus the camera. There is always going to be clipping. If this is a case where the user can stand next to a wall and then lean into the wall, this simply cannot be prevented.

If you can actually teleport clip through the wall as if it weren‘t there I would guess it needs to have collision. This should be documented in the navigation system, I‘m not aware of the requirements nor your setup.

I understand, I am facing problem with teleporting but please tell me
Is it possible to make perfect wall means I try to teleport but It should not be happen

add a small sphere collider on the head and give it it’s own layer (not a tag).
do the same for any surface you don’t want the head to be able to collide with.
go to edit > project settings > physics > layer collision matrix, and turn off every checkbox except the 2 layers you made.

from my experience, this works like a charm, though it will slide you away from the wall when you try to clip through it at an angle.