How to make ammo appear on screen in c sharp

Hi, I am working on a game with my friend and I have made a shoot script and it works fine, it uses ammo and the ammo part works i just dont know how to make the ammo count appear on screen. I have looked for tutorials, but i only found them in javascript. I was hoping to figure out how to do this in c#. If you know of any good videos or websites that could help me do this or you know how to do this please show me, thank you. Also this is the first time i have posted a question sorry if i did it wrong

add a label ui element, then in the script add a public variable of that type and drag it into the slot in the inspector. after that you just need to set variableName.text to the number you want to display.

When you use Unity 4.6 and the Canvas system, create a textfield where ever you want the count.

In your script add the namespace:

using UnityEngine.UI;

So you have access to textfields and stuff
Now you create a connection to that Textfield.

public Text AmmoAmount;

Now drag the textfield in Slot in your inspector.

Finally write data into that textfield whenever you use a shot or relaod.

AmmoAmount.text = yourAmmoValue.toString();

Thats it. Cheers