How to make an always visible spotlight?


I have a problem with my game: I’m trying to use a spotlight on top of my unit that will send a light circle on the terrain when I select the unit, the problem is that when the unit go away from the camera the light disappears. Is there a way to make a spotlight always visible, also at great distance?


I add a link to my work so you can evaluate the problem (hope that this doesn’t brake any rules…)

you can click on the unit an then on a far point on the terrain, the result was that when the soldier go too far the red circle upon it will disappear.

If you want your unit to always be lighted, you could make the light a child of the unit and it will move with him (rotation and all).

Another option is if you don’t want your spotlight to move, but always be visible, you don’t really need the light unless you want the ground lighted. You would need a texture with an alpha gradient that looks like light shining in the appropriate direction (sprite). Then attach the texture to a material with a transparent shader to see through it. If you want the gound lighted, parent the light to the sprite or vice versa. Make sure the sprite doesn’t cast or receive shadows though.

You could make the light Render Mode: “Important” in the inspector for the light.

Also is the light attached to your “unit”?

I’ve solved this issue using a plane with a texture applied on it.

I’ve tried with a decal projector, as suggested by Fabkins, but this doesn’t solve the problem of the disappearing light on long distance. So a simple mesh do the work for me.

Thanks all for your replies.