How to make an animation move more rigidly.

Normally, in an animation if I want to move from point a to point b, an object will start out slow and get up to speed. When it reaches the end of the animation it slows down a bit gradually. likewise, when I make key frames for the purpose of making an angle, it rounds the path of the object.

for the purpose of my game, I need my animation to move to point a to b, but I want to stay at the same speed and start of at the exact speed it ends at.

If anyone knows how I could go about doing this, I would be very grateful.

If you’re animating it in the animation window (Legacy), right click the keyframes that you see on each curve and you can change their tangents to fit what you want - The tangents for either side of the keyframe basically tell the curve how much it should curve, and you can make it flat/linear so it starts and continues at one constant speed. It lets you manually change the amount to precisely tune your animations as well, but instead of me rewriting it, take a look at the Editing Curves page in the documentation.