How to make an exe for my application

Hi, I created a game using unity iphone.there are six characters in my game,first you click one character,the character was selected, and then you click a target position,the selected character will move to your target position. this function work well in the unity3d iphone engine. however when i build an exe file for it, although the exe file can be opened in window xp, I can only selected the character,the rest operation can't work.I don't know what cause this problem, can you give me some advise. My build step is below: In Unity Select File from the top menu. Select Build Settings Select PC & Mac Standalone under the platforms column (lower left) On the combo box labelled Target Platform select Windows Click Switch Platform button (lower left, 1st button). When all the assets have been reconverted to suit the new platform, youll be ready to click the build button (lower right).

Thanks in advance.

I solved this problem. after create my exe file,(how to create it,see my step above). and the right click you exe file, there will be a popup menu, click the "show package contents", and then you can see its inside files. add your unity project's source code into this folder. after this, it can work correctly.

Describing how you went to the Build Settings and changed your build target tells us nothing of your actual problem.

You included no code or anything clearly indicative of the actual source of your problem.

Reading through the butchered English, if I take "I can only selected the character,the rest operation can't work" to mean that you can only select the character and regular gameplay controls are unresponsive, then I would guess that it is likely that your code is not properly setup to respond to non-touch controls.