How to make an introduction movie?

Hay everyone

I tried to make an introdution movie for my game. like ModernCombat2. I don't mean the same graphics, but as you can see, I want to create a GUIText at the begin of the game as you can see in the example while the background is black. Then the black background and the GUIText needs to remove with a fade to the camera that's moving. And then an other question about the intro movie. i want the camera is by example at the time of 0.00 sec till 15.00 sec and the camera is at the position of x=600, y=570, z=30, and then in the same second of 15.00 sec the camera is directly at the position of x=300, y=200, z=70 and that without you can see the camera is moving to that direction, but directly, even like the example on the link. (The camera is on one place and then sudden in the other place, without to see the camera is moving to the place.)

I hope someone can help me.

EDIT : This question isn't answered

Well if you don't have Unity Pro your intro movie will not work at all, i know it sucks, but well can't help it. about the rest that you want, i don't know exactly. Must be someone out here who does though ;) Good Luck

yes of course, i was forgotten to tell you, i'm using unity pro. Thnx for saying that, someone else maybe?