How to make an invisible object that prevents certain objects behind it from being seen?

The best example that I can think of for this would be a Battle Royale game where there is a huge colored rectangle on the map that covers everything, but there is a circle on top of it that shows where the safe zone is and prevents a circular portion of the rectangle from being drawn. I’m guessing that this would involve layers?

Make a cube big enough and set its mesh rendrer to (un-check) u can not see the solid cube now.Add a collider to that and set its trigger(Check) .and edit its collider and make it big.
In the function void OnTriggerStay(collider other).Do → other.setActive(false);
int this way when any other object enter in its trigger .it will disapperar.

Hello there,

I think you are going to need shaders for this (if I understand correctly).

This thread may be a good read.

I hope that helps!